Class Notes 4/18/17

Separation of Church and State- Justin Scott (Atheist)

Atheist- reject the God belief, Justin- not enough evidence that God exists, he doesn’t hate God

up there with LGBTQ and Muslims in terms of marginalization and hate

“I don’t care what you believe as long as you don’t push it on other people”

he doesn’t stand during the Pledge

given 5 minutes during the Waverly city council meeting- offended by prayer in city council meeting, “although it’s common to think that we are a Christian nation, that this is a Christian town, it’s not”, big deal to have city council challenged like this

Timi Brown-Powers sponsored him when he went to Des Moines to give invocation

try to model conduct after MLK

“committed to maintaining the separation between Church and State”

“the minority viewpoint is just as important as the majority”

“it’s about the fact that not all of us are religious”

try being the minority

in independence, got a local atheist to speak to the city council about implementing a day of reason

lucky to live in a place where people can go up to their elected officials and express themselves and their dissent

test of free speech is speaking up when you disagree but still respect the other side

if your belief system leads you to hate or oppress somebody, that’s when I have a problem but if it leads you to do good for other people, by all means do as much good for as many people as you can

religious freedom for believers is just as important as it is for the right to not believe

Supreme Court Case dealing with separation of Church and State- McCollum v Board of Education, in 1945 she filed lawsuit that would change relationship between religion and public schools, endorsed view of 1st amendment that pushed religion and public life into separate spheres- wall of separation between church and state, took a lot of courage for her to stand up and say you can’t bring God into public school, took place in Champaign Illinois, her sons didn’t take religious classes at school and then her sons were mistreated, she filed lawsuit, said the schools broke the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment, after trial life became impossible for them in Champaign, court ruled that the classes didn’t violate Constitution, went to state Supreme Court and they upheld the ruling, “I never thought of giving up, I was obligated to go on”, June 2 1947 the US Supreme Court agreed to hear case, Supreme Court decided on March 8 1948, decided in her favor 8-1, religion classes ruled unconstitutional, beginning of separation of church and state in public schools







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