Dean Eramo vs Rolling Stone

suing Rolling Stone for 7.5 million in compensatory damages and 350,000 in punitive damages

“In fact, upon being told of Jackie’s allegations of sexual assault which differed materially from the description Erdely and Rolling Stone published Dean Eramo immediately offered to assist Jackie in holding her attackers accountable –by going to the policeby pursuing misconduct proceedings within the University, or by both. Dean Eramo ultimately persuaded Jackie to speak with the policeand she arranged and attended two different meetingbetween Jackie and officers from the University Police Department and the Charlottesville Police Department”. p. 2
claims were detrimental to her reputation
people attacked her (through letters)
trial held in Virginia
worked for UVA since 1997
“Dean Eramo has undergone extensive training for her work as an advocate for sexual assault victims” p. 10
“Many of Erdely‘s stories have been criticized for their lack of factual accuracy” p. 12
she never called UVA “the rape school”
tried to get Jackie to report the assault
used the picture to make her look like the bad guy
story crumbled
jackie and the dean met with the cops in may 2014
“Erdely and Rolling Stone Publish A Rape On Campus With Actual Malice By Making A Calculated Decision Not To Pressure-Test Jackie’s Claims in Order To Publish A Biased, Preconceived Narrative Despite Serious Doubts About The Credibility for Their Sole Source” p.36
many of Jackie’s claims could’ve easily been disproven if she waived FERPA but Rolling Stone didn’t ask
acted with malice by relying on a source they doubted
6 counts of defamation

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